Recently hired by The L Magazine to some portraits with Brooklyn-based Hospitality. Despite being the coldest day in years, they were happy to trudge around the streets, if only for a few minutes.  You can check out the full story here.

Take a minute and check out their music... their new record 'Trouble' releases January 28 on Merge Records.



Mountain Mama

A super fun little music video I shot with Steven Stauffer back in November.  We trucked down to the Shenendoah Valley with The Walking Roots and shot on this stunning piece of land on a beautiful November day. Sometimes it's fun to just go make something.  For this project we had very little budget, so Steven and I shared shooting and direction duties, the band (and their families) brought some incredible home-cooked food for catering and we just decided to have fun with it.  Hope you enjoy it.  

Be sure to check out The Walking Roots and their upcoming album!


Kate Spade x Brooklyn Bowl

Another fun shoot with the Kate Spade team! This month we took over Brooklyn Bowl for a "Dots and Strikes" themed shoot.  You can view the final spread on their blog at




Eddy Bayes, 2013



My handsome little newphew, Liam Robert Larson. 

Texas, December 2013.



Archive x The Daylights

2010 polaroid from Waco, Texas with The Daylights. 



Archive x Mumford 

2010 - Mumford & Sons at Terminal 5, NYC


Ernest Alexander Fall 2013

Fall campaign day with Ernest Alexander crew back in August... always some of the most fun days of the year!

Here's a little BTS video shot and edited by my guy Steven Stauffer.

Ernest Alexander Fall 2013 from Eric Ryan Anderson on Vimeo.

Check out a slew of awesome new products these guys are putting out right now at




Spent a few mega-hot days this summer shooting around New York for Shoptiques.  They have a cool thing going, basically aggregating items from small boutiques all over the globe into one central online hub.  Check them out at


Passavant & Lee

I had the pleasure of shooting for my good friends Passavant and Lee and their stunning new line of aluminium briefcases... the attention to detail on these things is just absurd.  Good things to come from these guys... 

More from the shoot and their new endeavor at



Kate Spade Editorials

Shot two different editorial stories for Kate Spade over the past couple months.  First story was shot at the studio, simple pairings of real couples and featuring the "beau" bags.


We shot the most recent story inside the Rare Book Room at Strand Books... a true NYC gem.  

So fun working with this team... talented designers (including the one and only Leslie Okkerse) and a great group of model employees.  To see the full stories, visit




I've Got Friends - Nick Santino 

Our buddy Nick stopped by the studio this month for some portraits. Convinced him to play us one of the songs of his new solo album which releases this month. Go check him out at and check back for photos from the day!



Nick Santino



Willy Mason



Willy Mason.  Brooklyn, NY.  October 2013.


Park & Hall

Just an afternoon shooting some portraits in the studio and around the hood with some new friends... so much more productive than sitting at the computer all afternoon "working."  ALWAYS better to be shooting.



Santa Fe Polaroids


Spent a few days exploring Santa Fe with the wife last month. LOVE that town!



Road to Montauk

We're back!

Here are some images we shot as part of a little editorial for our friends at Ernest Alexander earlier in the summer... it was fun to art direct the concept for this one.  A quick little trip exploring out on the road to Montauk. 


Bleeding Out

What an honor to be asked to direct the first official music video for our friends The Lone Bellow.

Many thoughts and notes on the background of this piece are coming soon through another blog, but in the mean time, enjoy the video and read a bit about the production side on Ryan's blog. 

Huge, huge thanks to Greg, Ryan, Shep, Josh, Phil, Sarah, Kristen, Zach, Kanene, Brian and the rest of the amazing people in our life.  A true team effort : )


Strictly Bicycles for AMEX

Spent a wild day in Fort Lee, NJ chasing around our new friend Nelson Gutierrez.  Nelson owns and operates Strictly Bicycles, which is a big destination for many of NYC's biking enthusiasts, just over the George Washington Bridge.  American Express was shooting a series of ads involving Nelson and the bike shop, and we were hired to come in and shoot stills for the print and web side of the campaign.   The client wanted a 'grittier' look to the images to contrast some existing content, so we took Nelson into the basement workshop and got his hands dirty a bit.  

A few of the images have started popping up online... let me know if you see them anywhere else.  Thanks to Nelson and the team for a very fast-paced, fun day of shooting : )


Rob Baird - Dreams & Gasoline

Earlier this year, we spent a couple days running around Northern Los Angeles with our friend Rob Baird, shooting a new video for his song Dreams & Gasoline.

It was a pretty low-key production unit consisting of myself (director), Patrick Meade Jones (DP), Rob (Artist) and Sadie May (actress). We shot 90% of the video on 16mm film, with the remaining performance footage being captured digitally. Enjoy!